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Greetings, Newgrounds Blogosphere!

2010-10-25 15:31:28 by ThouThou

Hello there, and welcome to my blog!
I've been dabbling with Newgrounds for ages- since it was introduced to me in middle school- but it has never actually occured to me to set up an account and really get involved with it until now. The main reason I've set this up is so that I can recieve co-author credit for helping voice a Halloween project for this year. The art's being done by RWA, and with additional voices being provided by RicePirate. It'll be called "The Waxwork." Check it out when it drops, ya'll!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I've been living a double life for quite some time- starving college student/sandwich shop worker by day, aspiring profuessional musician by night. Recently, I successfully graduated said college, allowing me the time to start giving it my all with music. So far, it has been a steady cruise from gig to gig, while attempting to work as many hours as possible at the sandwich place. CRAZY things are about to happen, though- I'll tell you more about that later. Don't worry, it's a good crazy.

Oh, and I'm married. She's a wonderful woman who digs photography and works on a cruise boat. Our life together is pretty awesome. I just wish we had more money. :P

But hey, enough about real life. I just want to thank you for reading, and here's hoping I'll start putting some of my music up on Newgrounds to face the scathing reactions of my peers. :)

Stay gold, everyone. Have a good day!


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